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RATCLIFF-SIMPSON-Feb.1812, Tuesday fe'ennight, in London, the Rev. J RATCLIFFE, Vicar of Littleburn, Kent, and Minor Cannon of the Cathederal, Canterbury, to Miss SIMPSON, daughter of the late General SIMPSON.

RAVELIN-WARNICK, St Nicholas Church, Whitehaven George Ravelin married  Mary Warnick  21 Oct 1789;  Wit. Thomas Welch, Wm. McMaster,  John Thompson

RAVEN - FERGUSON._ At St. Michael's Church, Torpenhow, on April 23rd 1931, by the Rev. G.F. MAYNARD assisted by the Rev. G. Pallister, Boltongate Rectory (uncle of the bride-groom), George Pallister, elder son of Mr. and Mrs Raven, Preestcroft, Mealsgate, to Sarah Jane, younger daughter of Mr. and MrsFerguson, Overgates, Bothel

RAWS-ROMNEY, On the 17th Sept. 1879 at the Parish Church Dalton MR JACOB RAWS to MISS BETSEY JANE ROMNEY both of Dalton.

RAY-HODGSON.At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 16th June 1884, Mr William RAY, coalminer, Great Broughton, to Miss Ruth HODGSON, The Goat, Papcastle,

RAY-IRVINE, Mary IRVINE married Matthew RAY  8 June 1797 in St. Nicholas Whitehaven.

READ-MASKEW- Feb. 1812, Wednesday last, Mr READ, butcher to Miss MASKEW (?), late of the Commercial
 Inn, Kendal.

REDDING - MACILLHENNIE - On the 3rd January, 1902 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Alfred Redding to Miss. Charolette Macillhennie, both of Sandwith.

REED - DICKSON- At St. Mary's Chapel, July 1844, by the Rev. J. HALIFAX, John REED, Esq., to Miss. Robinia DICKSON, both of Maryport.

REID- MYLROIE- On the 10th June, 1897, at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Jacob REED (**the surname was printed w/ these two spellings**) to Emily MYLROIE, both of Cleator Moor.

REELING--RUDDY.--On the 11th Oct. 1869, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. Alexander REELING, coal miner, to Miss Eleanor RUDDY, both of New Houses, Whitehaven.

REVELLY-JONES,at St. Bees, Geo. Revelly  married Jane Jones  (Both of Low-Mill) 29 May 1764;  Wit. Thomas Reveley & Geo. Dixon

REYNOLDS - ADAMS. - One the 29th June, 1897, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehaven, by the Rev. John JENKINS, Charles REYNOLDS, coal miner to Mary Ann ADAMS, both of Whitehaven.

RICHARDSON-METCALFE, On the 3rd Oct. 1869, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. James RICHARDSON, carter, to Miss Ellen METCALFE, both of Frizington.

RITSON-BARNES, At St. John's Church, Workington, 30th Oct. 1884, by the Rev. J. J. THORNLEY, Issac RITSON, farmer and butcher, Taliantire, to Jane BARNES,  Workington.

ROBINSON-LOWTHER, Thomas Robinson married to Margaret Lowther in Wigton on the 24 MAR 1845.

ROBINSON-LITT, On the 22nd Nov. 1879, Parish Church, Dearham, Joshua ROBINSON to Martha LITT bothn of Dearham.

ROBINSON-MOFFAT, Mr Palmer ROBINSON, son of Mr Joseph, and nephew of Mr Palmer ROBINSON of Cockermouth, led to the alter Miss Catharine MOFFAT, second daughter of Mr John MOFFAT, the postmaster and erstwhile village shoemaker and parish clerk.

ROBINSON - NEWTON - At Ambleside, Nov. 1855, MR. WM. ROBINSON, joiner, to MISS MARY NEWTON, milliner and dressmaker, both of Ambleside.

ROBINSON-STODDART-At Cross Canoby, on the 11th Sept. 1819 Mr Wm. ROBINSON to Miss Sa*** STODDART both of Maryport

ROBINSON-TAYLOR-At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick,May, 1844, Mr. John ROBINSON, miner, Borrowdale, to Miss. Elizabeth TAYLOR, of Ambleside.

ROBINSON-THORNTHWAITE-June 1813, at Plumbland, church (by the Rev. Mr. STANLEY), Mr. Robinson RIGG, of Boustead-hill, to Miss Isabella THORNTHWAITE, of Plumbland.

ROBSON - BLACKBURN. Andrew, Husbandman of Gilcrux. Son of John, Labourer. Married Margaret, of Oughterside, daughter of Joshua Blackburn, Labourer. Witnessess were Robert Moor and Ann Martin. Married 19 Oct 1862 at the parish church in the parish of Aspatria.

ROCHE-HODGSON - At St. Nicholas's Church, Whitehaven, Nov. 1855, MR. JOHN ROCHE, husbandman, to SARAH, daughter of the late MR. JOHN HODGSON, of Ormathwaite, near Keswick.

RODHAM-ASLIN- On the 26th December, 1876 at the Cathedral, Ripon, Mr. J. S. RODHAM of Weston Lodge, Cockermouth, to Katherine, daughter of Mr. R. ASLIN, Ripon.

RONALD-CROSBIE , At Dumfries, on the 8th Oct. 1855, EDMUND RONALD, Royal Sappers and Miners, to JANET CROSBIE, only daughter of the late JAMES CROSBIE, innkeeper, Dunscore.

ROOKE-DAVISON, Moses ROOKE, chemist, Carlisle, to Miss DAVISON took place at the Wigton Primitive Methodist Chapel Aug. 1898.

ROOKE-M'MEAN- On the 6th May 1897, at the register-office Whitehaven,THOMAS ROOKE to VIOLET M'MEAN, both of Whitehaven.

ROONEY - FITZSIMMONS - On the 4th January 1902 at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, William John Rooney, of Cleator, to Miss. Hannah Fitzsimmons, of Whitehaven.

ROSKILLY-MOON, On the 30th Sept. 1869, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. Robert ROSKILLY, engineer, to Miss. Bridget MOON, both of Cleator Moor.

ROSS-KNOX- 21st Nov.1819, at the Parish Church, Dungannon, by the Honourable and Reverend Charles KNOX, Archdeacon of Armagh, David Robert ROSS, Esq., of Rosstrevor, to Miss. Harriet Anne KNOX, second daughter of the Honourable and very Reverend the Dean of Down.

ROSS – MEDWIN MR JOHN ROSS, Basingstoke, son of MR JOS ROSS, Maryport, was married at Folkstone, to MISS FLORENCE MEDWIN, by the REV A J PALMER, at the Radnor Park Congregational Church on Thursday, Sept. 10th 1903.

ROUTLEDGE-ARNETT, Christopher ROUTLEDGE,married on 26 March 1816 to Margaret ARNETT in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

ROUTLEDGE-IRELAND, James married Catherine, on 12-12-1784 in Newton Reigny

RUDD-WILSON On the 21st Sept. 1879 at the Register Office Whitehaven MR GLOVER RUDD stonemason to MRS CATHERINE WILSON both of Whitehaven.

RULE - ABERNETHY - On the 15th May, 1897 at the Presbyterian Church, Whitehaven, Isaac RULE to Annie Louisa ABERNETHY, both of Whitehaven.

RULE-HODGSON:-At CamertonChurch, on November 25th,1920 by the Rev. E. C. Bennett, Joseph, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Rule, Kelsick Farm, Seaton, to Mary, elder daughterof Martha and the late Joseph Hodgson, High House Farm, Seaton.

RUTHERFORD-CARR.-On the 15th Oct. 1879, at the Parish Church, Harrington, Mr William Graham Rutherford, Carlisle, to Miss Janie D Carr, of Harrington.

RYCROFT - BARNES - On July 12, 1913 at Ruviana Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Margaret, daughter of Mr. R. P. BARNES, Gosforth, to Rev. H. R. RYCROFT. By cable.


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