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SANDERSON - WATTERSON. - On the 27th Apr. 1897, at the Register-office,Whitehaven, MR. JOHN SANDERSON, to MISS LOUISA M'NAB WATTERSON, both of Whitehaven.

SANDWITH-ATKINSON, Nov. 1844, MR. JOSEPH SANDWITH, of Braystones,near Egremont, to MISS ATKINSON

SCAIFE-FRASER-At Cockermouth, Oct. 1844, by the REV. E. FAWCETT, MR. JOHN SCAIFE, grocer, Liverpool, to MISS FRASER, step-daughter to the governor of the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth

SCOTT-ASKEW, On the 6th Aug. 1904 at St Martin's Church Castleton, near Manchester by the Rev J Clarke, William Scott of Rochdale to Sarah Alice Askew, Gosforth.

SCOTT-BARNES.At the parish Church, Dearham, 29th June 1898, by the Rev. M.H.W.Davies, John, the eldest son of John Scott, Row Brow,to Sarah (Sis), second daughter of the late Peter Barnes, Plough Inn, Cockermouth.

SCOTT-BRITTAIN-On the 7th June 1897, at St. John's Episcopal Church, Perth, by the Rev. H. ARMSTRONG HALL, B. A., Andrew T. SCOTT, join agent, Clydesdale Bank, Whitehaven to Louisa Mary, eldest daughter of the late George BRITTAIN, Caledonian Railway, and Bellevue House, Perth.

SCOTT–BURNS. John Gray Scott and Hannah Burns were married on Tuesday, at St. Nicholas' Church, Whitehaven. August, 1903. He is the third son of the late Mr J. Scott, Glasgow.  The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. Henry Burns, Mountain View, Whitehaven.

SCOTT - DIXON Sept, 9th 1903 At the Weslyan Church, Cockermouth, by the REV W G WHITE, GEORGE SCOTT, Renwick, to MARY AGNES, eldest daughter of JOHN DIXON, Westray.

SCOTT-DODGSON, Married at St. Nicholas Church, Whitehaven 19 November 1815 JOHN of Blackburn, Lancashire, Excise Officer, and MARY DODGSON. Witnesses Ann MIDDLETON, Annas DODGSON & Elizabeth TORDIFF.

SCOTT-HEWITSON At Christ Church, Cockermouth, 29th July 1898, by the Rev H.J.Palmer, John the eldest son of the late John Scott, Harrington to Mary, second daughter of the late John Hewitson of Cockermouth.

SCOTT - KENSELLA - On the 23rd iSept.1869 at the Parish Church, Keswick, Mr. John Scott, station-master, Bassenthwaite Station, to Miss Bridget Kensella, of Ullock, near Keswick.

SCOTT-LITTLE-At Torpenhow, Dec. 1844, by the REV. JOSEPH THEXTON, MR. FRANCIS SCOTT, of the Low Wood Nook Inn, to MARY, only daughter of MR. JAMES LITTLE,of Threspland Less.

SCRIVEN-HORDERN, On the 27th Sept. 1869, at Grange Church, by the Rev. H. R. SMITH, vicar, Richard GEORGE, eldest son of George STRIVEN, Esq., Od Castle Ashby, to Emily, eldest daughter of Thomas HORDERN, Esq., of Manchester.

SEEDS-BORWICK, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 1st Nov. 1884, Mr. John SEEDS, signalman, Distington, to Miss. Eleanor BORWICK, Great Broughton.

SEWELL--BOWE.--On the 7th Oct. 1869, at the Independent Chapel, Duke-street, by licence, Mr. Thomas SEWELL, to Miss Sarah BOWE, both of Queen-street, Whitehaven.

SEYMOUR - BLEZARD. On the 14th July 1882, at the Parish Church, Ulverston, by the REV. F. M'NALLY, MR. WILLIAM HENRY SEYMOUR, to MISS ANNIE BLEZARD, both of Ulverston.

SHACKLEY-PONSONBY, On the 20th March 1897, at the Congregational Church, Whitehaven, Joseph Henry SHACKLEY, of Whitehaven, to Amy Alice PONSONBY, of Parton.

SHARP-McSPORRAN, Mary McSPORRAN, of Machribanish, Argyleshire, and Mr. John SHARP, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. SHARP, of Green Side, Drigg. May 1931.

SHAW- BOADLE - William Shaw & Jessie Boadle, May 17, 1888, Egremont, Cumberland, England

SHAW - BROCKBANK - Benjamin Shaw & Jennie (Neill) Brockbank, December 31, 1917, Egremont, Cumberland, England

SHAW - DIXON - Thomas Shaw & Margaret Dixon, February 3, 1839, Brigham, Cumberland, England

SHELLY-McFARLANE.- On the 11th June 1898, at the R.C Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eden Grove, Holloway, London, N., by the Rev Father CAREY, Mr rnest SHELLY, of Hackney, London, to Miss Agnes McFARLANE, late of rizington, Cumberland.

SIBSON – FISHER, Joseph Sibson, of Woodbank, Whitehaven, and Miss Fisher, only daughter of Mr J.I. Fisher, the Mayor of Whitehaven, were married at the Wesleyan Church. August 1903

SIMPSON-BOWES, At Greystoke Church, 22 March 1884, by special licence, by the Rev. E. Askew, John SIMPSON,  Scales Farm, to Janie BOWES, eldest daughter of Mr. Thos. Bowes,of the same place.

SINCLAIR-ARMSTRONG- on the 25th May.1879 at St. Michael's Church, Stanwix, Mr. Joseph Sinclair, Edentown, to Jane Ann Armstrong, Moorville.

SINKINSON-DODDS- At Alnwick Church, on the 24th Oct. 1844, EDWIN SINKINSON, Esq., Kendal, toJANE ANN, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN DODDS.

SISSON-SANDFORD On the 13th Oct. 1855, at Barton Church, Mr. JOHN SISSON, farmer, to Miss AGNES SANDFORD, of Ravencrag.

SKELTON-GILL, Elizabeth Gill married Daniel Skelton 5 April 1827, Kirkbride,  Witness Joseph Gill.

SMITH-HAMILTON- 15th, May, 1844 Mr. Robert SMITH, to Miss Mary HAMILTON

SMITH-IREDALE-On the 30th Jan.1902,at the Church of St Mary, Girlcrux, the Rev. G. Hubert SMITH, M.A., vicar of the parish, to Annie IREDALE, The Willows, Dalston.

SMITH-BAXTER-At Gretna Green, Oct. 1844, MR JEREMIAH SMITH, to MISS BAXTER, both of Bassenthwaite, near Keswick.

SMITH-SENHOUSE-At Bowness, Windermere, on the 14th May, 1844, by the Rev. R. P. GRAVES, Mr. T. SMITH, late of Maryport, surgeon, to Catherine, youngest surviving daughter of the late Humphrey SENHOUSE, Esq. of Nether Hall, near Maryport.

SMITHAM-PATTERSON-On the 3rd Apr. 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, Edward J. SMITHAM, Lowca, Harrington, to Isabell PATTERSON, of Whitehaven.

SMITHSON-ROBINSON, On the 13th Sept. 1879 at the Parish Church Ireby MR JOSEPH SMITHSON bulider to MARY ELIZABETH daughter of MR ROBINSON BELL both of Ireby.

SMITHSON-THISTLE On the 17th Oct. 1855 at the Parish Church, Preston, by the Rector, Mr. WILLIAM SMITHSON, spirit-merchant, Cockermouth, to SARAH ANN, youngest daughter of the late Mr. JOHN THISTLE, of her Majesty's Inland Revenue department.

SMYTHE-CAMOYS -On the 17th Oct. 1855, at Stonor-park, by the Rev. R. BIRKS, CHARLES FREDERICK SMYTHE, Esq., eldest son of Sir EDWARD SMYTHE, Bart., of Acton Burnell, to Maria, third daughter of Lord CAMOYS.

SNOWDEN-BARWISE, Thursday last,July 1814 at Abbey Holm, Mr. James SNOWDEN, of Maryport, to Miss BARWISE , of Pellitho, Holm Cultram.

SOTHERAN-PRICE 7th April 1812. at Pancras Church, London, Mr. T. SOTHERAN, bookseller, late of York, to MARIA, third daughter of CHARLES PRICE, Esq. of Somerset House.

SOUTHWARD-SHERWEN, at the Parish Church  of St Catherine of Miss Hannah SHERWEN, Randle  How, Eskdale, and Mr Robert SOUTHWARD, Forge Farm , Austhwaite.Nov. 1913

SPEERS-MITCHELL, On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Whitehaven, Mr. John SPEERS, engineman, to Miss. Mary MITCHELL, both of Distington.

SPENCE - OUSBY - At Bootle, Nov. 1855, MR. RICHARD SPENCE, of Nook, to MISS HANNAH OUSBY, of Well, both in the parish of Bootle.

STEELE-BLANSHARD MR. ATKINSON STEELE, of Workington, tailor, to MISS ELIZABETH BLANSHARD, Cockermouth, milliner.Oct. 1844

STEEL-GLAISTER.-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr George Steel, railway clerk, Carlisle, to Miss Sarah Jane Glaister, Maryport.

STEELE-GREIG,At the Presbyterian Church, Harrington, on the 9th Oct. 1903, by the Rev. J. BONNER,Mr. ROBERT STEELE, Woodhouse, Whitehaven, to RACHEL, second daughter of Mr. W. GRIEG, Syke Whinns, Harrington

STEPHENSON-PATTERSON.-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at the Register-office, Cockermouth, Mr John Stephenson, labourer, Brigham, to Miss Agnes Patterson, Greysouthen.

STEPHENSON-RIDLEY, Jane RIDLEY.  They were married in a registry office in Brampton on 16 November 1858

STEWART-O'SHAUGHNESSY-On the 9th Feb., 1897 at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, John STEWART to Mary O'SHAUGHNESSY, both of Whitehaven.

STOCK - BROOKSBANK. - On the 13th June 1882, at the Parish Church of Windermere, the Rev Edward Ernest Stock, curate of St Mary's, Carlisle, eldest son of the Rev E P Stock, rector of Windermere, the Ethel, eldest daughter of Walter Brooksbank, of Thornbarrow, Windermere, formerly rector of Lamplugh.

STOKOE-NEVIN, On the 27th Sept. 1869, at the Evangelical Union Chapel, Carlisle, by the Rev. E. M. WILSON, Mr. James STOKOE, bookbinder, to Agnes, only daughter of the late Mr. William NEVIN, boot and shoemaker.

STOREY-HARRISON.-On the 19th Oct.1879, at the Parish Church, Ulverston, Mr James Storey, Liverpool, to Miss Isabella Harrison, Ulverston.

STOREY - M'GOWAN - On the 10th April, 1897 at the Congregational Church, Whitehaven, Robert Fulton STORY, Parton, to Martha M'GOWAN, Whitehaven.

STOREY-RICHARDSON-Sunday last,Oct. 1819 at St. Bees, Mr. Matthew STOREY, to Miss. Sarah RICHARDSON.

STORM-CROSTHWAITE at Liverpool,July 1814, Mr. William STORM, mate of the ship 'May', (of that port) to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mrs. D. CROSTHWAITE, of this town.

STRANGE-NEWSHAM, Arthur of St. Annes, Lancaster to Mary Jane NEWSHAM of Crosthwaite on Oct. 1st 1894.

STRONG-JEFFERSON, At Aikton church, on Saturday,June 1813, Mr John STRONG, of Drumleauing [?]. to Miss Jefferson, of Aikton Hall.

STUART-BELL, On th 20th Nov. 1879 Parish Church, Threlkeld, Thomas STUART to J. BELL, Rhyddings.

STUDHOLME - BARNES - At St. Andrew's Church,Aikton, 21st. Oct. 1903, by the Rev. Canon Hassell, John Gardiner, only son of Amos Bulman Studholme, to Hannah, fourth daughter of John Barnes, Drumleaning, Wigton

SUTTON-WHITE At Christ Church, Penrith, on the 18th Oct. 1855, by the Rev. E. KING, Mr. WILLIAM SUTTON, Inland Revenue Officer, Maryport, to Miss MARIA WHITE, of

SWULINSKI-NUTSFORD.-On the 19th Oct. 1879. At Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr Ladislaus Swulinski, hairdresser, Workington, to Miss Mary Ann Nutsford, Maryport.


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