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TAGGART--DICKSON.--On the 5th Oct. 1869, at Bowling, Dumbartonshire, by the Rev. Mr. RUSSEL, Mr. R.M. TAGGART, draper, Whitehaven, to Agnes WATSON, eldest daughter of Mr. Matthew DICKSON, officer of Inland Revenue, Tambowie, near Glasgow.

TALBOT - WALKER. On the 10th July 1882, at Her Britannic Majesty's Legation,Japan, by the REV. E. CHAMPNEYS IRVINE, M.A., WILLIAM HENRY TALBOT, to ANNIE, youngest daughter of WILLIAM WALKER, of Maryport, Cumberland.

TATTERS-DOBSON, On the 28th Sept. 1869, at Whitehaven, Mr. William TATTERS, coalminer, to Miss. Sarah DOBSON. dressmaker, both of Newhouses, Whitehaven.

TAYLOR - FITZSIMMONS - At St. Michael's Church, Workington, onthe 12th Oct. 1903, by the Rev. H.E.CAMPBELL, Elizabeth BELL (Lizzie) youngest daughter of Mr. CHAMBERS TAYLOR to John, youngest son of Mr. JOHN FITZSIMMONS, both of Workington.

TAYLOR - RUDD. - On the 12th June 1882, at the Methodist Church, Gosforth, Mr James Taylor, Dirthole, to Miss Jane Rudd, Ellerslie, Gosforth.

TALFORD-HODGSON, George TALFOR of Bewcastle and Mary HODGSON of Scaleby were married by License 21 May 1772 at Bewcastle.

TEASDALE-TURNER-At St. Margaret's Church, Wythop, on December 1st 1920, by the Rev. E. Bellingham, Joseph, younger son of the late Mr. And Mrs. I. Teasdale, Wythop Hall, to Sarah Ann, only daughter of Mr. I. Turner, and the late Mrs. Turner, The Close, Embleton

TELFORD-DIXON. At Dearham Parish Church, 11th June 1884. Mr Edward TELFORD, engineer,to Miss Isabella DIXON, both of Dearham.

TELFORD-MCMANUS, JOHN TELFORD (b.abt.1843) JANE MCMANUS (b.abt.1845 Ireland) married 1859 St James church Whitehaven,Cumberland

TELFORD-THWAITE,Mary and John married January 1843.

THISTLE-EDWARDS On the 18th Sept. 1879 at the Parish Church Crosscanonby MR R H THISTLE Maryport to MAUD daughter of the late MR THOMAS EDWARDS Brighton Sussex.

THISTLEWOOD-BRYERS, William and Agnes married on 7th June, 1818 by banns at St. Anne's, Richmond.

THOM-HEWSON-On the 31st March 1897, at the Presbyterian Church, Whitehaven, JOHN THOM to ANNIE HEWSON, both of Whitehaven.

THOMLINSON-NICHOLSON-Dec. 14th 1844, MR. ISAAC THOMLINSON, of Bread-street, husbandman, to MISS JANE NICHOLSON, of Botcherby.

THOMPSON-ATKINSON, At the Registers office, Whitehaven, 1st Nov,1884 Mr. Richard THOMPSON, skin sorter, to Miss. Sarah ATKINSON, both of Whitehaven.

THOMPSON-BACON, St Bees Abbey Church Nicholas Thompson  married Isabella Bacon  9May1756 ; Wit. Jno.Wood  &  John

THOMPSON - BOWMAN. On the 17th July 1882, at the Register-office,Whitehaven,MR. THOMAS THOMPSON, brick moulder, Parton, to MISS HANNAH BOWMAN, Whitehaven.

THOMPSON-BROCKBANK, On the 30th June 1852, at the Friend's Meeting House, in this town, Mr. Josiah THOMPSON, of Moreland, near Penrith, to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas BROCKBANK, of High Street, Whitehaven.

THOMPSON-DIXON, On the 10th Feb. 1841, at Stanwix, Carlisle, by the Rev. J. FAWCETT, Lieutenant C. W. THOMPSON, 81st Regiment, second son of Lieutenant-Colonel T. Perronet THOMPSON, to Sarah, eldest daughter of John DIXON, Esq., of Knells.

THOMPSON-FISHER- at Keswick,July 1812, Mr. Joseph THOMPSON, sen. solicitor,Workington, to Miss FISHER, of Jenkin Hill.


THOMPSON-LOSH- On the 26thDec. 1800, at St Margarets Westminster, John THOMPSON Esq of New Bond street, London, to Miss LOSH, daughter of Dr Losh of Carlisle

THOMPSON-LOWE, Leonard Thompson and Elizabeth Lowe who were married in Alston on June 2, 1827, Cumberland.

THOMPSON- IRVING - At Camerton Parish Church, on January 16th 1907, by the Rev.E. C. Bennett, Vicar, George Thompson to Mary Elizabeth Irving. Present address: Lowca Lane, Seaton, Workington

THOMPSON-OSMOTHERLEY.-On the 9th Feb. 1903, at the Parish Church, Dearham, by the Rev. E. H. Sugden,vicar, Henry, fourth son of Mr. Tom Thompson, colliery manager, Flimby,to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of the late Matthew Osmotherley, of Maryport.

THOMPSON-POLLOCK On the 18th Oct. 1855, at Hampsthwaite, by the Rev. J. M. WARD, vicar, assisted by the Rev. JOHN GRISDALE, nephew of the bride, the Rev. GEORGE THOMPSON, incumbent of Heat**ery Clough, Stanhope, Durham, to ANNA ISABELLA, youngest daughter of the late WILLIAM POLLOCK, Esq., of Dacre Banks, Cumberland.

THOMPSON-ROGERS, On the 6th July 1852, at Gosforth, by the Rev. F. F. PINDER, A. M., rector, Mr. John THOMPSON, of Crake-place Hall, near Cockermouth, to Miss. ROGERS, of Vine Cottage, Irton, youngest surviving daughter of the late John Rogers, esq., of Kirkland, in Irton.

THOMPSON-SIM.-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Victoria-street Wesleyan Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man, Bowman, son of Mr Josiah Thompson, of Deanscales, Cockermouth, to Dora Helen, daughter of the late Mr Isaac Sim, Crosby, Isle of Man.

THOMPSON-WHITE, At Cross Canoby, on the 11th Sept. 1819. Mr Isaac THOMPSON widower, to Mrs Sarah WHITE both of Maryport.

TIDYMAN-BATEMAN- Sept. 1819 at Egremont, Mr Wm Tidyman to Miss M. BATEMAN

TIFFEN-FLETCHER, On the 26th Nov. 1879 at Bridekirk, Edward second son of Thomas TIFFEN, Wigton to Alice Martha daur. of John FLETCHER, Papcastle, Cockermouth.

TINKLER - MOORE - On the 29th Nov. 1882, at the Register Office, Whitehaven by license, Mr. Robert TINKLER, labourer to Miss.Martha Ann MOORE, both of Parton.

TODHUNTER - BELL. On the 13th July 1882, at the Parish Church, Workington, MR. J. W. TODHUNTER, to MISS JANE BELL, only daughter of the late MR. ROBERT BELL, both formerly of Cockermouth.

TODHUNTER-HIGGINBOTTOM-On November 27th 1930, at All Saints Church, Cockermouth, by the Rev. Canon. PARKER, assisted by the Rev. J. DAVIDSON, Joseph William, son of Mr and Mrs TODHUNTER of St Leonard's, The Goat, Cockermouth, to Florence, daughter of the late Mr H. HIGGINBOTTOM, of  Manchester.

TODHUNTER-MARTIN On the 11th Sept. 1879 at Brigham MR J TODHUNTER Workington to ISABELLA daughter of MR S MARTIN Brigham.

TOWNSON--WILSON.--On the 30th Sept. 1869, at Millom Parish Church, by the Rev. J. IRVING, vicar, Mr. Stephen TOWNSON, of Ulpha, in the parish of Millom, to Miss
WILSON, only child of Mr. W. WILSON, yeoman, Ulpha.

TREVELYAN-MACDONALD-  youngest son of RALEIGH TREVELYAN, Esq. ofNetherwitton, in the county of Northumberland, to SARAH REBECCA FIORS,second daughter of CAPTAIN HENRY THOMAS MACDONALD Oct. 1844

TUBMAN-GREEN, Frances GREEN, daughter of Mrs. M. GREEN, Duke Street, Whitehaven,and Mr. Isaac TUBMAN, third son of Mr. and Mrs. W. TUBMAN, of Cross Street, Whitehaven.May 1931.

TUBMAN-MAGDIN, RICHARD TUBMAN (b.1811) ..SUSANNA MAGDIN(b.1814)married 1833 whitehaven cumberland.

TUITE-M'GLYNN, WHITE, GRAY, HANLEY-At Moate Farrell, Dec. 1844, POLLY M'GLYNN, widow of the late PATRICK WHITE, JAMES GRAY, and JOHN HANLEY, at the age of 89 years, to WILLIAM TUITE, pig doctor in ordinary, and dancing master extraordinary, at the age of 84 years, after burying his fifth wife. Their combined ages make a total of 173 years, and their marriages amount to no fewer than ten.

TULLY - ROBERTS. - On the 3rd July 1882., at Crosscanonby Parish Church, by the REV. R. BOWER, MR. ROBERT TULLY, mariner, to MISS EDITH ROBERTS, both of Maryport.

TUMILTY-KIRKPATRICK, On the 30th Nov. 1879 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Hugh TUMILTY, coalminer to Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, both of this town.

TURNER-MELLONS-At St. Mary's Church, on the 30thOct, 1844, MR. JAMES TURNER of Cummersdale,to MISS MARGARET MELLONS, of Trinity Buildings

TWENTYMAN-CONQUEST, Robert m. Henrietta in Whitehaven, January 1850.

TWOMEY - STAMPER - At ST. Mary's Church, Castlemaine, Victoria,Australia, by the Rev. O'Neill, Mr. William Patrick TWOMEY to Miss CharlotteSTAMPER, daughter of the late Mr. JOHN STAMPER, Applethwaite, Keswick Oct. 1903.

TYLER- GARDINER - At New York, on Wednesday, the 26th June, 1844, John TYLER, President of the United States, to Julia GARDINER, eldest daughter of the late David GARDINER, Esq.

TYSON-COWARD, Blacksmith of Green Road married Mary Coward, housemaid for Miss FALCON, Meals House on May 17, 1899.


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