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WALKER-BARKER, On the 20th May.1879 at Carnforth, Mr. Thomas Walker, farmer of Templands, Cartmel, to Bridget, daughter of Mr. J. Barker, of Gunnerthwaite, Arkholme.

WALKER-BROWN, On the 22nd Nov. 1879at St. James Church, Carlisle, William Joseph WALKER, to Jane Ellen BROWN, both of Carlisle.

WALKER-RITSON- At the house of the British Consul at Vera Cruz, on the 16th May1844, James WALKER, Esq., of Guanagnato, Mexico, to Miss Eleanor RITSON, late of Workington.

WALLACE - WINDER - Yesterday weeknight, at Camerton Church (by the Rev. Mr. PEARSON), Capt. Henry WALLACE, of the Robinson, to Miss. WINDER, both of Seaton. (August 1798).

WALTON-MOSSOP.-At Crosscanonby Parish Church, on the 29th May 1895, John WALTON, Cemetery, Maryport, to Ruth, eldest daughter of Henry MOSSOP, Crosby Street, Maryport.

WATERS- COULSON- At Arthuret Church on the 18th July, 1844, by the Rev. John WANNOP, curate, Mr. John WATERS, weaver, to Mrs. Rosannah COULSON, widow of the late Matthew COULSON, shoemaker. Longtown. Her former husband was nearly 80 years of age when she married him - her present husband id just one fourth of that age, being only twenty. The blooming bride is upwards of fifty.

WATSON - SHERWOOD. - On the 12th June 1882, at St John's Church, Workington, Charles E Watson, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Hannah, daughter of William Sherwood, Nook-street, Workington.

WATSON-THOMPSON-Mr. Thomas WATSON, of Calder, son of Mrr. Thomas WATSON, yeoman, to Miss Hannah THOMPSON, of Fleming Hall, inn the parish of Gosforth. Nov. 1844

WATSON-TURTON August 20, 1855 at Agra, Lieut. GEORGE E. WATSON, Bengal Engineers, to ANNIE, second daughter of the late Captain TURON, Bengal Native Infantry.

WATSON-VICKERS-On the 7th June 1897, at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Douglas WATSON, Arlecdon, to Emily VICKERS, Whitehaven.

WARD - SLATER - At St. Mary's Church on the 23 July, 1844, The Rev. John Meire WARD, of Claypole, Lincolnshire, son of the Rev. Benjamin WARD, of this city to Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John SLATER, Esq.

WARE-GOODWIN.- At St. Peters Church, Eaton Square, London, on the 20th June 1887,
by the Bishop of Winchester, the Rev.Henry WARE, vicar of Kirkby Lonsdale,
to Ellen King GOODWIN, eldest daughter of the Bishop of Carlisle.

WEBBER-MacLEAN-Feb. 1812 Re-married at St. George's, Hanover Square, London, James WEBBER, Esq. Of Balimour House, Hants. to Marianne, third daughter of John MacLEAN, Esq. county of Galway, Ireland; the former ceremony having taken place in Scotland.

WEIGHTMAN - ROBSON. William Weightman, of full age, Bachelor, Blacksmith, resided Aspatria, father John Weightman (dec.) , former Blacksmith married 6 June 1876 to Jane Robson, of full age, Spinster, resided Aspatria, father John Robson, Labourer. They were married in the parish church of the parish of Aspatria. Witnesses were James Robson (her brother), and Mary Wilkinson (looks like - that was Jane's grandmother's maiden name). Probably a cousin.

WELSH - BROWN. - On the 21st June 1882., at Arthuret Church, by the Rev M R Graham, MA, rector, assisted by the Rev Stephen Wade, BA, curate of Stainforth, near Settle, the Rev John Francis Welsh, BA, younger son of the late Robert Welsh, of Huddersfield, to Jane, elder daughter of Matthew Brown, Scaurbank.

WHARTON - FAIRER. At St. Peter's Church Great Asby, by licence, on
the 6th April 1918 by the Rev. Wm. Mather, William, second son of Mr and
Mrs R. Wharton, Kirkby Stephen, to Elsie Ruth, elder daughter of Mr and
Mrs Fred Fairer, Great Asby

WHITE - INGELBY. - On the 1st July 1882, at St. Bees Roman Catholic Church,Whitehaven, MR. THOMAS WHITE, coalminer, to MISS MARY ANN INGELBY, both of Whitehaven.

WHITELL-TODHUNTER- On the 1st January, 1877 at St. Nicholas Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev. Dr. MACMILLAN, Ralph WHITELL, builder and contractor, Barnes Green, Harpurhey, Manchester, to Mary Isabella Bowness, only daughter of the late Bowness TODHUNTER, ironmonger, of Whitehaven.

WILDEY-LIGHTFOOT- At the Warwick Road Presbyterian Church, on November 24th Dec. 1920, by the Rev. J. McKee, James Wildey of Port Road,Carlisle, to Ada Mary Lightfoot, of Cleator Moor.


WILKINSON-HELME- Mr. Joseph WILKINSON, bookseller, to Miss HELME, both of Lancaster.Feb. 1812.

WILKINSON-JACKSON-At Penrith, on the 15thDec. 1844, MR. JONATHAN WILKINSON, clogger, to MISS JANE JACKSON.

WILLIAMS- WILKINSON-On the 10th March 1897, at the Presbyterian Church, Whitehaven, WILLIAM GRIFFITH WILLIAMS, to ISABEL WILKINSON, both of Whitehaven.

WILLIAMS-WILLIAMS, On the 13th Sept. 1879 at the Register Office Ulverston MR W WILLAIMS to MISS CATHERINE WILLIAMS both of Dalton.

WILLIAMSON-CATE- At Underbarrow, near Kendal, Oct. 1844, by the REV. J. GRAVES, MR.GEORGE WILIAMSON, eldest son of MR. WILLIAMSON, manufacturer, Keswick, to SARAH, youngest daughter of the late MR. CAPE, surgeon, Ireby.

WILLIAMSON - GATEY - On the 23rd Sept. 1869 at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, younger son of James Williamson, Esq., of Lancaster, to Margaret, elder daughter of Mr. Joseph Gatey, of Keswick.

WILSON-ATKINSON - On the 3rd Feb.1902, at St Cuthbert's Church, Lorton, John WILSON, Workington, to Mary Jane (Jennie) ATKINSON, Workington.

WILSON --FISHER.-- May 1st, 1897 at St. Mary's, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, by the Rev. J. DODD, M. A , vacar, assisted by the Rev C S WILSON, M. A. brother ofthe bridegroom, Alfred Edwin WILSON, of Indian Head, Assa., N. W. T.,Canada, to Sophia Mary, daughter of J FISHER, Langton House, Boston Spa.

WILSON-HODGSON, On the 29th Sept, 1869, at Trinity Church, Ulverston, by the Rev. T. PINCHES, Mr. Thomas Robinson WILSON, labourer, to Miss. Mary Ann HODGSON, of Ulverston.

WILSON-HOLLIDAY:-At Haile Parish church on December 4th, by the Rev V.H.  Scallow, A.K.C., John Gaskell, second surviving son of the late  Joseph Wilson and Mrs Wilson , Tortola Cate, Haile to Bertha Jane, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Holliday, The Grange Egremont.

WILSON-HORNSBY- At Great Orton, on the 13th Oct.1844, MR. JOHN WILSON of Little Orton, to ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of the late MR. JOHN HORNSBY, of Raughton.

WILSON - PIGG -At the same place, on the 15th Sept, 1844, by the Rev. W. GRAHAM, Rector of Arthuret and Kirkandrews, Mr. ROBERT WILSON, of Cowrigg, farmer, to MISS ELIZABETH PIGG, of Blackrigg, both of the parish of Arthuret.

WILSON-STOCKDALE- at St. James,April 1812 (by the Rev. R. ARMI*STEAD, A.M.) Mr. CHRISTOPHER WILSON, of High Walton, to Miss ELIZABETH STOCKDALE, daughter of Mr. Wm. STOCKDALE of Low Hall.

WILSON-WARD, On the 25th Nov. 1879 at St. Mary's Church,Ulverston, John WILSON, Newland, to Jane WARD of Nunnington, Yorkshire.

WILSON –WATSON, Joseph Hutchinson WILSON, BA., LL.B. (Cambridge), solicitor, Carlisle, youngest son of Mr John WILSON, Fairfield, Lorton, and the bride was Miss Maria Emma WATSON, younger daughter of the late Mr Thomas WATSON, Eden Vue, Stanwix.Sept. 12, 1903.

WILSON-WOOD-At St. Nicholas's Whitehaven, MR. ROBERT WILSON, tailor, to MISS HANNAH WOOD, Dec 1844.
WINDER-WAYLES, Thomas to Ann on Nov. 30th 1783, St. Nicholas, Whitehaven.

WINSKELL-LONGELNY At Penrith,July 1814, Mr. William WINSKELL, to Miss Elizabeth LONGELNY.(or LONGCLAY).

WITNEL-ROBINSON-At St. Nicholas's Whitehaven, Dec. 1844, by the REV. JOSEPH ASKEW. A.M., MR. RICHARD WITNEL, fisherman, to MISS ANN ROBINSON

WOLTON- KIRKBRIDE , The 16th June 1814. Mr. John WOLTON, of Crackenthorpe, near Appleby, to Miss KIRKBRIDE of Helton.

WOOD-HEMSLEY -On the 17th Oct. 1855, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne at St. Andrew's Church, by his father, the Rev. B. WOOD, M.A., incumbent of Haverland, Norfolk, the Rev. HORACE SEWARD WOOD, B.A., of Elsing, Norfolk, to SARAH CATHERINE, eldest daughter of the late EDWARD HEMSLEY, Esq., solicitor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

WOOD-HUTHWAITE- On the 2nd January, 1877 at the Parish Church, Crosscanonby, by the Rev. A. OATES, assisted by the Rev. J. DUGDALE, Wilton William WOOD, of  Maryport, shipbuilder, to Catherine Mary, eldest daughter of the late Henry Oldknow HUTHWAITE, Esq., of Maryport.

WOOD-LITTLE-and on the 16th, May, 1844Mr. Archibald WOOD, of the 93rd Regiment, to Miss Ann LITTLE, of Botchergate.

WOODBURN-HOWE,Sarah married Thomas Dec. 26th 1801 in Windermere.

WRIGHT-CARLYLE-on the 13th, May, 1844, Mr Robert WRIGHT to Miss Jane CARLYLE, both of Blackfriars Street

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