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Cumberland and Westmorland Archives

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HAMILTON-Robert, son of Jane Turnbull and John Hamilton Wetherall Cumberland on 9th August 1892

HEBBETHWAIT-1835 August 7th Elizabeth, daur of  Richard and Pheby HEBBETHWAITE,Inn Keeper, Cockermouth.

HESLOP-William son of Thomas and Elizabeth HESLOP, Woollen Weaver, Cockermouth, on 16th September 1832.

HILL-At Ellen Vale, Harrington, 24th March 1884, the wife of Mr. George HILL of a son.

HING-Sarah daur of  Jeremiah and Roseanna HING, Labourer, Cockermouth, Ed Fawcett. 9th Sept 1832

HODGSON-Edward, son of George and Hannah HODGSON, Miller, Double Mills, Ed Fawcett. Sept. 4 1832.

HOPE - At Hawick, Roxburghshire, on the 19th Sept. 1819. Mrs Jane HOPE of a son and daughter, after being 18 years married.

HUNTER-Mary daur of William and Ann HUNTER, Weaver, Cockermouth, Ed Fawcett on 9th Sept 1832

HUTCHINSON-John, born to Ann Hutchinson, christened Nov. 14, 1838 in Brampton, Cumberland


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