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WALKER-At 94 Greystone Road, Carlisle, on the 13th June 1903, the wife of E.B. WALKER, of a daughter.

WALKER. - On the 13th June, 1897, at Sty. Bees, the wife of Mr. Joseph WALKER of twins.

WALKER - On the 27th June,1938 at 49, Corporation Road, Workington, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry WALKER (nee Clara ROBINSON) - a daughter.

WARD. - At Askham Vicarage, on the 8th Sept. 1844, the lady of the Rev. J.T. WARD, a daughter.

WHARTON-John, Son, Jeremiah & Sarah, WHARTON, Cooper, Cockermouth Feb 24th 1922

WHARTON. On the 19th July 1882, the wife of MR. JOSEPH WHARTON of a daughter.

WICKS-On the 15th July 1852, the lady of the Rev. F. W. WICKS, incumbent of St. Nicholas' Church, of a daughter.

WILKINSON-Isaac son of Isaac and Ann WILKINSON, Weaver, Cockermouth on 30th September 1832

WILLIAMSON- Jane, baptised 31 May 1829 to Nicholas and Mary LOWERY ,St. Mary C of E, Harrington, Cumberland.

WILLIS- At 11, Park Avenue, Stirling, on the 15th Aug. 1898, the wife of Mr. Robert WILLIS of a son.

WILSON-Mitchell, was christened on 16 Jul 1865, in the Shire of Cumberland, Egremont, England. Wilson was the son of John and Francis Kewley Mitchell of Egremont.

WILSON - On the 19th March 1925, at 2, Park Villas, Mountain View,Whitehaven, to Mr and Mrs R. Walter WILSON, the gift of a son,Both doing well.

WORDSWORTH -  On the  7th Oct. 1879, at Park Nook, Gosforth, the wife of the REV. J.  WORDSWORTH.



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