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Principal Seats


With Reference to the Places under which they will be found in this Volume.
(note: some of the initials/letters and page numbers after a name are unreadable.)

Acorn Lodge, William DENTON, esq. J. P. see Keswick

Armathwaite Hall, James CLARKE, see Wetheral

Barrow House, LANGTON, esq., see Keswick.

Barwickstead, Wiiliam Barwick CLARKE, esq., see Whitehaven

Birkby Lodge, Mrs. SCAIFE, see Birkby, Cross Canonby

Blackwell Hall, Daniel CAMPBELL, esq., see Carlisle.

Bolton Park, Robert H. WATSON, esq., see Wigton.

Bootle, Arthur WILKIN, esq., see Ravenglass.

Brackenhill Tower, R. W. P. STANDISH, esq., see Brackenhill, Arthuret.

Brandling Gill. F. R. SEWELL, esq., see Cockermouth.

Brayton Hall, Sir W. LAWSON, bart, M. P., J. P., see Aspatria

Brent House, William HARRISON, esq., J. P., see Penrith.

Bridekirk House, John STIRLING, esq., See Bridekirk.

Brisco Hall, Thomas HORROCKS, esq., see Brisco, Upperby.

Broadfield House, G. H. H. Oliphant FERGUSON, esq. J. P.

Brow Top, William RICHARDSON, esq., See Warwick

Calder Bridge Abbey, Capt. Thomas IRWIN, J. P., see Egremont.

Carleton Hall, Mrs. BARRATT, see Ravenglass.

Carleton Hall, Frederick COWPER, esq., see Penrith

Carleton Hall, William PARKER, esq., J. P., see Penrith

Carlton Green, Mrs. HODGSON, see Ravenglass.

Castlette, William SHERWEN, esq., see Keswick.

Castlesteads, George John & F. Ponsonby JOHNSON, esqrs, see Brampton.

Castletown House, George Gill MOUNSEY, esq., see Carlisle.

Catgill Hall, Thomas NELSON, esq., see Egremont.

Clifton Hall, Daniel Bird ROBINSON, esq., see Great Clifton, Workington.

Clifton House. Rev. Thomas William FALCON, see Great Clifton, Workington.

Corby Castle, Phillip Henry HOWARD, esq.., see Great Corby, Holme Eden.

Croft Cottage, Miss. HODGKIN, see Ravenglass.

Croft End House, Mrs. G. LINDOW, see Egremont.

Crofton Hall, Sir Robert BRISCO, bart., see Carlisle.

Crosby House, Nicholas Frank HILL, esq., see Carlisle.

Crosby Lodge, William W. SORY, esq., see Carlisle.

Dacre Lodge, Mrs. WAUCHOPE, see Penrith.

Dalemain House, John Edward HASELL, esq., see Penrith.

Dearham House, Thomas WALKER, junr., esq., see Dearham

Derwent Bank, Mrs. STEEL, see Bridekirk.

Derwent Lodge, John GRAVES, esq., See Portinscale, Crosthwaite.

Distington Hall, Charles FISHER, esq., see Whitehaven.

Dovenby Hall, Mrs. DYKES, see Dovenby, Bridekirk.

Drigg Hall, Rev. W. STRICKLAND, see Ravenglass.

Duddon Hall, William Sawrey RAWLINSON, esq. see Ravenglass.

Eden Bank, Mrs. ELLIOT, see Wetheral.

Eden Grove, Richard CARRUTHERS, esq., see Carlisle.

Eden Hall, Sir Richard Courtenay MUSGRAVE, bart., see Penrith.

Eden Lacy, S. L. W. SANDERSON, esq. see Penrith.

Edmond Castle, T. H. GRAHAM, esq. see Brampton.

Ehen Hall, John LINDOW, esq. see Cleator.

Ellerslie, Lieut-Col Arundel BARKER, see Whitehaven

Eskrigg Hugh, Joseline PERCY, esq., see Wigton.

Farlam Hall, Mrs. G. A. THOMPSON, see Brampton.

Fell Side House, J. WHITESIDE, esq., see Brigham.

Fitz House, Richard BELL, esq., see Brigham.

Flosh, Thomas AINSWORTH, esq., see Cleator.

Gale Syke, Mrs. IRTON, see Nether Wasdale, St. Bees.

Gelt Hall, Mrs. WATSON, see Brampton.

Gillfoot, Thomas HARTLEY, esq., See Egremont.

Greta Bank, John James SPEDDING, esq., see Keswick.

Greystoke Castle, Henry HOWARD, esq. see Penrith.

Haile Hall, M. PONSONBY, esq., see Egremont.

Havecroft, Captain Francis SCOTT, see Whitehaven.

Harker Lodge, Miss. WYBERGH, see Carlisle.

Hazell Holme, Jonas LINDOW BURNS-LINDOW, esq., see Cleator.

Heads Nook, William H. PORTER, esq., Great Corby.

Higham (The), T. A. HOSKINS, esq., see Cockermouth.

Highmoor House, Henry Pearson BANKS & William BANKS, see Wigton.

Hill (The) Mrs. RAMSHAY, see Brampton.

Hollies (The) Major Andrew Green THOMPSON, see Keswick.

Holloway House, John THOMPSON, esq., see Penrith.

Holm Hill, Thomas Salkeld, esq., Carlisle.

Holm Rook, C. R. Fletcher LUTWIDGE, esq., see Whitehaven.

Holme Eden, Mrs. DIXON, see Warwick Bridge, Holme Eden.

Houghton Hall, John WALKER, esq., see Houghton.

Houghton House, T. H. HODGSON, esq., see Houghton

Hutton Hall, Sir Henry Ralph VANE, bart., see Penrith.

Hutton, John William HUDDLESTON, esq., see Penrith.

Irton, Rev. Robert Gordon COLLINGWOOD, see Ravenglass.

Isell Hall, The Hon. Percy Scawen WYNDHAM, see Cockermouth.

Kellet House, W. B. WALKER, esq., see Ravenglass.

Kelswick House, John THOMPSON, esq., see Whitehaven.

Kiln Brow, John P. & Samuel P. FOSTER, esqrs., see Wigton

Kirkoswald College, Timothy FETHERSTONHAUGH., esq., see Penrith.

Knells (The) John NANSON, esq., see Houghton.

Lanercost Priory, Rev. Isaac DODGSON, see Brampton.

Langarth, Admiral PENNELL, see Upperby.

Langrigg Hall, Thomas Oliphant BARWISE, esq., see Aspatria.

Lazonby Hall, R. D. MacLEAN, esq., see Penrith.

Lingholme, Col. James F. GRENALL, see Portinscale, Crosthwaite.

Lorton Hall, Mrs. BRIDGE, see Brigham.

Lorton House, Richard HARBORD, esq., see Brigham.

Low Mill, M. H. BRISCO, esq., see Egremont

Milton Hall, Major T. C. THOMPSON, see Naworth, Brampton.

Mirehouse, Henry Anthony SPEDDING, esq., see Keswick.

Moor House, John JAMESON, esq., see Penrith.

Mount, John WYBERGH, esq., see Papcastle, Bridekirk.

Muncaster Castle, Lord MUNCASTER, see Muncaster.

Murrell Hill House, Thomas NELSON, esq., see Carlisle.

Musgrave Hall, Countess OSSALINSKY (sp?), see Penrith

Naworth Castle, Right Hon. & Rev. the Earl of Carlisle, see Naworth Brampton.

Nether Stainton, John Benn POSTLETHWAITE, esq., see Muncaster.

Nether Wasdale Hall, John MUSGRAVE, esq., see Nether Wasdale, St. Bees.

Nether Hall, Sir Frederick Ulric GRAHAM, bart., see Netherby, Arthuret.

Netherhall, Joseph Plockington SENHOUSE, esq., see Maryport.

Newbiggin Hall, Misses CLARKE, see Brisco, Upperby.

Newby Grange, W. N. HODGSON, esq., see Carlisle.

Newton Manor, Anthony B. STEWARD, esq., see Whitehaven.

Nunwick Hall, Joseph WATSON, esq., see Penrith

Oak Bank, B. BIBBY, see Muncaster.

Oak Bank, William JACKSON, esq., see Scotby.

Oak Hill, John WILSON, esq., see Brigham.

Oaks (The), William POSTLETHWAITE, esq., see Ravenglass.

Park End, William THOMPSON, esq., see Workington.

Petteril Bank, John FAWCETT, esq., see Upperby.

Ponsonby Hall, William STANLEY, esq., see Egremont.

Prospect House, Rev. Edward SALKELD, see Aspatria.

Rampabeck Lodge, William PRITT, esq., see Penrith.

Ranbeck, Joseph SALKELD, esq., see Penrith.

Haven Cragg, William Hugh PARKIN, jun., esq., see Penrith.

Red How, John DICKSON, esq., see Whitehaven.

Rheda, Thomas DIXON, esq., see Whitehaven.

Rickerby House, G. H. HEAD, esq., see Rickerby, Stanwix.

Roodlands, Major James FAIRCLOUGH, see Portinscale, Crosthwaite.

Rose Castle, Bishop of Carlisle, see Carlisle.

Rose Hill, Gilfrid William HARTLEY, esq., see Moresby.

Rose Hill II, LONSDALE, esq., see Scotby

Rothersyke, Henry JEFFERSON, esq., see Egremont.

Seaton Hall, John Edward WESTON, esq., see Whitehaven.

Snittlegarth Hall, H. RAILTON, esq., see Aspatria.

Solway House, C. F. FURRER (sp?), see Aspatria

South Hill House, David HODGSON, esq., See Scotby.

Spring Bank, Joseph GATE, esq., see Bowness.

Springfield, Henry JEFFERSON, esq., see Egremont.

Staffield Hall, Charles FETHERSTONHAUGH, esq., J. P., see Penrith.

Stamford Hill, Eldred CURWEN, esq., see Harrington.

Stand Stone, Edward FIDLER, esq., J. P., see Wigton.

Stanwix House, Col. Thos., Wm. PROVOST, see Stanwix.

Stone House, Lady ROSA, see Warwick Bridge.

Tallentire Hall, William BROWNE, esq., see Bridekirk

Tarn Bank, Isaac FLETCHER, esq., M. P., J. P. see Greysouthen, Brigham.

Thorn (The), John UNSWORTH, esq., J. P., see Penrith.

Thwaites, Rev. John STACKHOUSE, see Ravenglass.

Tottergill, William WATSON, esq., see Brampton.

Waberthwaite Hall, William FALCON, esq., see Muncaster.

Warwick Bank, Hon. Mrs. COULSON, see Warwick.

Warwick Bank, James HEALD, esq., see Warwick.

Warwick Hall, Thomas Holme PARKER, esq., see Warwick.

Waterfoot, Major James SALMOND, see Penrith.

West Moor, Col. Charles WYNDHAM, see Cockermouth.

Wetheral Plain, Capt. Joseph IRWIN, see Wetheral.

Whitefield House, Jackson GILLBANKS, esq., see Wigton.

Whitehall, George MOORE, esq., see Wigton.

Whitehaven Castle, Right Hon. Earl of LONSDALE, see Whitehaven.

Wood Hall, John Cowley Fisher, esq., J. P., see Bridekirk.

Woodside, Baldwin LOSH, esq., see Brisco, Upperby.

Wordsworth House, William WOOD, esq., J. P., see Cockermouth.

Workington Hall, Edward STANLEY, esq., J. P., see Workington.

Wreay Hall, the Misses. HILL, see Wreay, Carlisle.

Wreay Syke, William Septimus LOSH, esq., J. P., see Wreay, Carlisle.