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Morland Parish

ImageThis parish is an extensive and fertile district, about six miles in length and three and a half in breadth, bounded on the east by the parishes of Cliburn, Lowther, Shap, Crosby-Ravensworth, Appleby, Kirkby-Thore, and Long Marton. It is margined by the Eden on its eastern side, and the river Leeth forms its northern and western limit. It is intersected by the Lyvennet and another rivulet, and abounds with limestone. The parish contains six townships, and two chapelries, viz., King's Meaburn, Morland, Newby, Sleagill, Strickland Great, and Strickland Little townships; and Bolton and Thrimby chapelries, and its population, in 1841, amounted to 1923 souls. The estimated annual value of its lands and buildings is about £15,000 

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